Ostinol® Advanced

Ostinol® Advanced is available in multiple strengths to meet your needs as recommended by your Health Care Professional.

Powered by Cyplexinol®, the world's first and only nutraceutical consisting of a full range of Bone Morphogenic Proteins, a BMP-complex at physiologic concentration, supporting the pathways involved in helping to maintain healthy bones and joints.*

Endogenous BMP-Complex is proven to uniquely stimulate key pathways consistent with Growth Factor Proteins that support the body's ability to grow new healthy bone and cartilage tissue. These Bone Morphogenetic Proteins also promote healthy immune signaling essential for the healthy bone and joint comfort and are regularly used in regenerative surgical therapies.

Professional Strength Product Line

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Regenerative Tissue Science, LLC is the exclusive marketer and distributor of Ostinol® Advanced, containing the world leading Musculoskeletal Regenerative Nutritional ingredient Cyplexinol® PRO. Led by a best-in-class team, offering ultra-premium supplements, resources, and support.

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