Ostinol® Insta JOINT

BMPs in the body are functionally involved in maintaining healthy bones and joints

  • Ostinol® Insta JOINT is powered by Cyplexinol®, the world's first and only nutraceutical consisting of a full range of Bone Morphogenetic Proteins, a BMP-Complex at physiological concentration.
  • 65% enriched Boswellia Acid for stable inflammation response.*
  • ApresFLEX® for fast joint comfort and flexibility. Providing nutritional support for healthy bones and joint function.*

$135.00 USD

Did You Know:
  • By age 50, at least one essential Bone Morphogenetic Protein has been shown to decline by as much as 43%, impacting the production of new cartilage cells called chondrocytes.
  • Elevated inflammation response, as seen in chronic inflammation, further escalates the breakdown of cartilage tissue faster than it can be replenished.
  • A recent scientific study has shown a decrease in at least two Bone Morphogenetic Proteins in synovial fluid correlates to a decrease in cartilage homeostasis, suggesting an impaired function and stability.✝✝