Two years ago, I started taking Ostinol® 350s. I had a DEXA scan this week, and I was ecstatic because my numbers were so much better – my score increased 8%! The only thing I added or changed since 2015 was to start taking Ostinol®. I am extremely happy with your product!

Debbie S. – Houston, TX

I have been taking Ostinol® 450s for several weeks, and have already seen improvement in my knees! I wasn’t able to stand for very long periods due to my knee pain. Now I am able to be on my feet for several hours at a time. I’m very happy with this product. I would like a brochure about Chondrinol® next please!

Greg R. – Spokane, WA

I have been buying Pro-Stiminol®150 and love this product. All of my bone health progress is thanks to Pro-Stiminol®. I have several friends using Pro-Stiminol® as well – very happy!

Antoinette W. – Cleveland, OH

I needed to let you know that I am a nutritionist caring for a 97-year-old patient who has experienced extensive reversal in bone condition since starting Ostinol™ just 3½ months ago! No other product I have worked with has shown anything even close to these results. I look forward to reporting that all of my patients are feeling this level of relief since starting Ostinol®!

Claudia R. – Ossining, NY 

Ostinol® has been very effective for me. I work in a shipyard. I found this product to be very effective for my joint pain. When I started, I ordered the lowest dose and it helped a little – but not enough. I called ZyCal and was able to immediately speak to a clinician who was so helpful! He customized my dose and I began taking Ostinol® 350 instead. The pain has quickly gone, and has stayed away! Best thing ever!

Edward S. – Chesapeake, VA

After only two weeks I could feel the difference. Ostinol® has really helped me feel more in control with less burning while I walk, garden, and cut the grass. I can't find the workds to express how happy I am with the results.

Gerladine K. -WI

It's Amazing. I couldn't even walk and now i have no problem. Within 3-4 days of taking [Ostinol® Insta Joint] all discomfort was gone. 

Alexandra H. on Sep 28, 2018

I bought this for my mom and she loved it. She has been suffered from knee discomfort and she is more than just satisfying for the Ostinol Insta Joint. She used to barely walk but now she can enjoy golf with Insta Joint.
Thanks Ostinol Insta Joint!

J. Kim on Jan 04, 2019

A lifesaver- For me and those whom I have shared it with.
Lynn A. on Jan 04, 2019