4 Tips To A Happy And Healthy Thanksgiving!  SIDE DISHES

4 Tips To A Happy And Healthy Thanksgiving! SIDE DISHES

A Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving!

Is it possible to enjoy the day when the meal is healthy? Yes, it is possible and you will feel much better for it! This week we will continue our discussion about Thanksgiving and move on from appetizers (see last week’s blog to learn about a healthy one) to side dishes.

When we think of Thanksgiving side dishes, stuffing and potatoes come to mind. So, let’s talk potatoes!

Potatoes haven gotten a bad rap over the years due to protein and keto diets.  When we think potatoes, we generally think carbs and calories.  We often feel as though eating potatoes is splurging – like eating ice cream!  But there is good news on that front!

Check out this chart from” potatogoodness.com” which destroys 2 myths:

  • Sweet potatoes are better for us than white potatoes
  • Potatoes are useless calories


Most of us have heard that sweet potatoes are better for us than white potatoes.  This is due to the high beta-carotene content (orange like carrots), which is converted into Vitamin A.  But other than Vitamin A, white potatoes are stiff competition for the sweet ones! – but you have to eat the skin.  And notably Vitamin C and Potassium are winners for the whites! 

Who eats a baked potato without butter or sour cream?  People who have tried substituting Greek yogurt for the sour cream!  It has a very similar taste, but Greek yogurt far exceeds its competition in nutrition.  Consider that sour cream has at least three times the calories and 45 grams of fat in one cup.  Non-fat Greek is just as tasty as that made with whole milk.  The protein content of Greek yogurt is also almost five times that of sour cream.  Finally, the benefits of the live cultures which have not been destroyed through pasteurization (as they are with sour cream), are enormous (a topic for another blog).  If your taste buds demand more from the yogurt, try spicing it up with dill or try a double-baked potato recipe which really creates a delectable delight!

For those stuck to butter, no problem.  Butter has also received a bad rap due to its saturated nature, however, its competition – vegetable spreads and margarines have no standing.  Simply put, organic butter used in moderation, especially when heated, retains its natural form, while margarine is an altered, “trans-fat” which has the potential to wreak havoc in the body primarily by raising cholesterol which leads to heart disease.

We can’t end our discussion this week without mentioning our commitment to your health. And our topics on healthy eating at Thanksgiving would not be complete without mentioning Gastrotene®, developed to support and maintain gastrointestinal tract integrity and promote peak function.*  It is the only GI health support product that contains 2-Beta Coxatene®, a new class of nutritional ingredient. This all-natural growth factor & herbal blend ingredient provides the right balance and support for healthy immune signaling and stem cell activation, helping support your body’s ability to create new epithelial lining for a healthy gut. *

Please join us next week for a few tips regarding nutritious and delicious desserts!


* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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