A Five-Step Plan for Women to stay fit and keep their bones healthy while working remotely

A Five-Step Plan for Women to stay fit and keep their bones healthy while working remotely

Nowadays, most people are working remotely from their homes as this is advantageous in several ways for both the employer and the employee. In the absence of a well-thought-out plan, individuals may sit in front of their computers all day and become inactive. Here’s a simple five-step plan that can help you stay active and fit. 


1.Establish a daily routine

Maintaining certain habits while working from home is one of the keys to sustained health. For instance, waking up around the same time every day as well as making a schedule for work periods and breaks are useful ways to establish a healthy daily routine.

2.Mark your lunch break

Mark your lunch period and office breaks on your business calendar - Working remotely can cause some people to feel guilty about not being at their computers long enough, but this can lead to prolonged hours of sitting. To prevent this from happening, mark your lunch period and coffee breaks on your work calendar so that your colleagues will know when you are away from your desk and when you will return.

3. Go get your food

Try to avoid placing snacks and drinks at your workspace as this will reduce the number of breaks you take. Make it a habit to get up and go to the kitchen for coffee or tea. Eat in a different room or outside for a change of pace throughout the day as well.

4. Keep your exercise equipment close 

In addition to setting aside specific times to take breaks and move around, you should also leave weights, exercise mats, resistance bands, etc., nearby as this can encourage you to take 10-15 minutes of exercise breaks during the day. Several 15 minutes sessions can help you maintain the body and weight you desire.


5. Add a nutritional supplement to your diet 

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