A Happy and Healthy Holiday Season! MOVEMENT

A Happy and Healthy Holiday Season! MOVEMENT

Having navigated through Thanksgiving, or the first half of the holiday season, we are preparing for the rapidly approaching second half, Christmas and New Years - which lasts for the entire month of December as decorations go up and parties abound.

No better time to begin our discussion on joint health than this time of year when the cold weather may negatively affect joint health. Some believe that the colder weather affects our joints as a drop in barometric pressure  increases pressure within the joint capsule; and a thickening of synovial fluid within the joint capsule affects flexibility.

In addition to the cold, the holiday season presents challenges to joint comfort which are atypical to other times of year - climbing around in the attic to retrieve ornaments and decorating the house; shopping in malls with concrete floors for hours on end; standing for extended time periods on tile floored kitchens while preparing holiday goodies. And, winter weather requires some of us to shovel and navigate carefully across ice and snow, additionally stressing joints.

Contrary to what you might feel, it is vital to keep moving through the discomforts of winter and the holidays. Stagnation leads to worsening of symptoms. Exercise enhances circulation - blood vessels are stimulated to deliver nutrients and oxygen and to remove waste and carbon dioxide to and from your joints and organs. During this busy time, it is important to keep up your exercise/strengthening routine if you have one. Your joints will appreciate the attention and will be better able to make it through the unnatural demands that may be placed on them during the month.

And although it is easy to overdo things in the interest of time, it is vital to listen to your body – rest if necessary. Practice being present in the moment to avoid unnecessary mishaps which could turn into calamities.

Your joints might also appreciate a little boost from ZyCal’s Ostinol® Insta Joint powered by Cyplexinol®, an all-natural stem cell signaling protein complex that helps support your body’s ability to create new, healthy cartilage tissue. Ostinol® Insta Joint also contains a natural herb, together with Cyplexinol®  to support joint comfort through all your Holiday activities .*


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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