Holiday Health Prevention Strategies

Holiday Health Prevention Strategies

Let’s face it, the holiday season is accompanied by its share of stress

– physical and emotional. We can’t talk enough about the importance of being cognizant of how much is enough and when it is vital to take a break.

Over-doing it – no matter what it is – eating, drinking, shopping, baking, wrapping, decorating, shoveling – accompanied by lack of adequate sleep - leads to stress.  And stress impacts the immune system and makes us more susceptible to illness.  Illness comes in many forms – from the flu to headaches to gastrointestinal issues and even exacerbated joint pain. The immune system functions to protect the body but it needs a rest. And when we are constantly on the go, the immune systems suffers and symptoms manifest.

Easier said than done but try and be aware of your body and mind during this time. 

Don’t push yourself too hard.  Set your priorities, keeping in mind that your physical and emotional well-being is more important to your family and friends than any gift you could ever buy for them.

Exercise. Even if you have to cut back to a walk or a shorter time period, keep up a regularly scheduled routine if you have one.  If not, add in a walk.

Breathe. Take a few minutes three times per day to stimulate your relaxation response and take some deep breaths.

Eat a nutritious breakfast. At least you will have had something healthy – even if the rest of your day doesn’t provide such an opportunity.

Take your supplements. Stick to your routine and maybe add some immune support like Vitamin C and garlic for cold prevention.

Most of All – Enjoy time with your family and friends!

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