Staying Active During Quarantine

Staying Active During Quarantine

The current health crisis has caused a large number of individuals in the workforce to start working from home. For some people, this shift may have led to significant changes in physical activity. More specifically, being at home can make it very tempting to sit for long periods of time during the day. For instance, now instead of going to the gym before or after work, walking to the copy machine throughout the day, visiting the office lounge for tea or coffee, or leaving the office for lunch, most people may eat in front of their computers or skip their exercise routine altogether. Fortunately, there are several easy ways to remain active while at home:

  • Try to make a habit of standing or walking around during conference calls. For meetings that require the use of a webcam, consider placing a laptop or camera at a high position in order to stand up during the meeting.
  • Set an alarm that indicates when it is time to take a break to stand up and stretch for a few minutes is also a good practice to adapt when working from home.
  • Cook meals for lunch instead of snacking as this entails standing up and moving around. Also, consider eating lunch outside in order to avoid eating while sitting at the computer.
  • Incorporate exercise breaks into the daily routine and use common household items such as canned goods or water bottles as weights to give the body more of a physical challenge.

In addition to finding creative ways to stay active while working from home, be sure to take a supplement that provides protein and collagen as this supports the body’s bones as well as muscles. Nourishing the body in this manner enhances the effects of regular physical activity.

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