Pro-stiminol® Bone Support Supplements


Women have special nutritional needs and so do their bones. Pro-stiminol® Advanced delivers triple-action nutrition to bones, with the first, patented, stem-cell activating protein complex, supporting healthy bone tissue growth, plus vitamins D3/K2 to support calcium absorption and metabolism. Pro-stiminol® Advanced is available in multiple strengths for every phase of your life.

  • Pro-stiminol® Advanced 200 - For young women when life demands more than just calcium and vitamin D for your bone health.
  • Pro-stiminol® Advanced 300 - Formulated with extra Cyplexinol®, to meet the demands of life’s changes for pre, peri and postmenopausal women looking for total bone support.
  • Pro-stiminol® Advanced 400 - For those women who push themselves to the limit and need maximum total bone support