The Best Joint Supplements The Chicken or The Egg… or the Cow?

The Best Joint Supplements The Chicken or The Egg… or the Cow?

By Dr. Luke Bucci

When it comes to joint pain, there’s no shortage of supplements on the market, all promising to lessen the aches and stiffness. And while some of them may be able help with that, most can’t do much of anything to address the actual underlying problems.

Lately, the joint health industry has been buzzing about two natural ingredients – one from chickens, and one from eggs – while, more quietly, a compound that comes from cows has gained favor with well-informed medical professionals.

All three of those natural ingredients are backed by studies, and all three have shown promise in helping patients suffering from even the most severe joint pain…

But only one of them provides the materials your body needs to actually support your body to create new healthy cartilage… the foundation for strong, flexible joints.

The “chicken soup” solution

There’s a reason chicken soup helps you feel better when you’re sick: In addition to being warm and comforting, chicken soup – when it’s made the old-fashioned way – helps modulate your immune system in a very gentle way. And that’s the idea behind undenatured type II collagen, a chicken-based joint health ingredient.

Sometimes, the immune system mistakenly identifies cartilage as an enemy, and goes on the attack. That overreaction is a key culprit in triggering the destruction of cartilage cells.

Cartilage cells are primarily made up of a protein called collagen – and it’s exposed collagen that can excite those overeager immune cells. When people take undenatured type II collagen supplements, it helps remind their immune systems that collagen is a friend, and that helps shut down the unnecessary attack on cartilage.

So undenatured type II collagen – the chicken soup ingredient – helps protect your cartilage and joints from damaging immune system strikes. And a few studies have shown that supplementing with 40 mg of undenatured type II collagen daily can help reduce joint discomfort in 90 days.

Eggs offer surprising nutrient source

Did you ever peel a hard-boiled egg? That thin film between the egg and its shell – called eggshell membrane – is an especially rich source of joint-supporting nutrients.

In that very thin, flexible membrane researchers found perfectly proportioned proteins along with sustaining minerals and amino acids:

  • Three types of collagen: I, IV, and X
  • Elastin
  • Chondroitin
  • Glucosamine
  • Hyaluronic acid
  • Keratin sulfate
  • Methionine
  • Cysteine
  • Calcium

All of these components – especially collagen – provide your body with the ingredients it needs to maintain healthy joints and connective tissue, the cartilage, ligaments, and tendons that hold your body together and let you move comfortably.

A few studies have shown that supplementing with 500 mg of natural eggshell membrane daily helps ease joint discomfort in 30 to 60 days.

“Cow” creates healthy bone and cartilage

The most exciting ingredient in joint health comes from organic, grass-fed cows raised right here in the Midwestern U.S.A. Unlike the chicken and the egg ingredients, this cow-based supplement actually helps support your body to produce health new bone and cartilage tissue.

The secret to this incredible supportive effect is Cyplexinol® - a new class of nutritional ingredient and you won’t find it’s capabilities in any other joint product. Cyplexinol®, is an all-natural stem cell signaling protein complex which uniquely stimulates key pathways to support your body’s ability to create new bone and cartilage tissue!  

Cyplexinol® -  is made up of unique biologically active proteins that support your body in the transformation of mesenchymal stem cells into chondrocytes – specialized cells that create, maintain, and repair cartilage tissue. 

Cyplexinol® - doesn’t stop with the support of creation of strong, healthy new cartilage. It also provides the benefits of bone health & joint comfort by modulating multiple inflammatory pathways – something no other ingredient delivers! 

Bioactive protein complexes are backed by over 50 years of scientific and medical research. Before being used as a nutritional supplement, this class of proteins was used by surgeons for years to grow bone and cartilage tissue post-operative. Natural healthcare professionals have been using this powerful bioactive protein complex in Ostinol™ as an oral supplement for bone and joint health with great clinical success and it is now available directly to you as the ultimate supplement in bone and joint health. Clinical trials have shown fast and lasting relief from even the most severe joint pain and inflammation – starting in just 7 days!



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Yes, it is a great product, but it has become unaffordable for most. At $3 a dose for the 450 product, that comes to $1,000 per year. For those of us who pay thousands of dollars a month for heathcare that does not cover such, it is a bad deal.

How about making this product more affordable?


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