Fun Facts About Regular Exercise

Fun Facts About Regular Exercise

Did you know that adults who don’t exercise regularly are at risk of losing about 80% of their muscle strength by the time they turn 65? Most people have heard that regular exercise keeps you fit and is vital for the body’s organs, but many still aren’t motivated to exercise regularly. However, the above statistic shows why it is so important to have a regular exercise routine. Here are a few fun facts about exercise to motivate you to get started.

You may have also known that exercising elevates your metabolism, but did you know that it stays elevate after you work out and keeps burning calories even while you’re resting? This means that if you eat a healthy meal after you exercise, your body’s ability to utilize the nutrients in that meal dramatically improves. Experiencing heightened metabolism for longer periods promotes optimal body composition as well.

Have you ever wondered why walking is such a beneficial exercise? Well in addition to boosting oxygen and blood circulation to vital organs (e.g., brain, heart, lungs), we use about 200 muscles every time we take a single step. This is because walking engages muscles throughout the body, which makes it an ideal workout, especially if you can immerse yourself in a pleasant atmosphere such as a nature trail or park.

Another important point to remember is that, performing the same type of exercise everyday makes people more prone to injuries. Get creative with your workout routine by changing your scenery, your exercise equipment, or even trying something new. Your body will thank you for it.

Additionally, if you have kids, remember that their physical activity level and eating habits will more than likely resemble yours. Therefore, it’s important that you model healthy behaviors that they can maintain later on in life. This includes taking dietary supplements with essential vitamins, protein, collagen, and joint-enhancing nutrients daily. We don’t always get the recommended daily servings of nutrients from food, so adding a supplement to the diet helps make this goal possible.

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